Monday, April 1, 2013

Santa Rita Ruins - Still A Lot Going On

Front Stairway reconstruction is underway

Andreas Novello showing us the 3 Mayan periods uncovered at the tunnel cave in

Wall reconstruction, left side

Andreas Novello showing us the mask facade

Wall reconstruction, right side

Unearthed, since our last visit there:
- two facade areas flanking the front staircase- there would have been 1 large mask on each side of the stairs-remaining are a few pieces of dark red mask material still on the wall as well as dispersed throughout the rubble indicating the masks had either fallen forward or were broken and then fell forward
-3 distinct periods of Mayan buildings, discovered near the previous archaeology dig's tunnel which had caved in
-they have begun to dig out several of the surrounding mounds, expecting to find older construction techniques-they are finding small pottery shards at these mounds

They've moved from excavating and discovery, of the main temple, to restoration...the plans are to rebuild as much as possible, using the material they have onsite. We understand there's a parklike setting with a wedding garden in the plans with ample parking behind the temple.

The blog from our last post about Sta Rita Ruins, for comparison:

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