Thursday, April 25, 2013

Serendipity Happens---At Brother's Pizza in Hopkins

Life can be full of wonderful surprises! This is one of ours...

Larry and I had just returned to Hopkins from volunteering at the Belmopan Humane Society's Open House; and knowing we did not have food in the cabana refrigerator, we decided to stop at Brother's Pizza & Italian Restaurant for supper. This restaurant is quickly becoming our favorite-the daily specials are a delectable assault on the taste buds!

Brother's Pizza & Italian Restaurant


As I exited the Jeep, I noticed a man in a red tee shirt reading the sandwich board specials outside the restaurant.
"Excuse me, but do you write a blog?" queried the man.
"Yes," I replied tentatively.
"Are you Babs?" he asked.
"Yes,"--curious-er and curious-er I became.
"We've been reading your blog for a long time," came his response.

We then met Matt, Amy, Liam and Lochlan, from Seattle, WA; they had noticed our white Jeep with the Tennessee license plates (and good driving skills, I might add); acting on their intuition, they stopped and the rest is history! The family has been in the country for almost 2 weeks and have covered a lot of territory, the vacation/research trip has included: Caye Caulker, San Ignacio-with a side trip to Tikal (a major Mayan site in Guatemala), bird watching excursions, beach days and Hopkins.

Liam was excited about the toucans they saw in Tikal and the whole family was looking forward to snorkeling on the reef before they return home in a couple of days. They have had what sounds like a really good experience in Belize and it was a pleasure running in to them in little Hopkins!

Serendipitous as it was--just think, if either of us had been a few moments later, or earlier-this encounter may not have happened!

Liam, Amy, Matt and Lochlan

Liam, Amy, Larry, Matt, Babs and Lochlan
Matt, Amy, Liam and Lochlan:
Thank you for taking the time to say hello, we enjoyed meeting you--what an unexpected delight! 
Your pizza and calzone sure looked good--we'll have to try them soon!

P.S. Thanks for the impromptu glass bottle concert!! :)


  1. Hi Babs! It was so great meeting you and Larry, and thanks for blogging about it. The boys got a real kick out of seeing themselves 'on the internet.'

    AND...after much deliberation, we have decided to GO FOR IT and will be temporarily relocating to Ambergris Caye in August. :) We are so excited, and we hope you will visit us when you come back to Belize!

    1. That is exciting news Matt! Have a wonderful journey! Thanks for the invitation--maybe we'll bump into you on AC! Give our best to the family...See you "in a Belizean minute" -b&l