Monday, May 20, 2013

Caitlin's Bakery

The hand painted "Bakery" sign on Center Road promises whole grain bread, banana bread, muffins, smoothies and veggie burgers...cannot resist a bakery!

We turned off the village center dirt road onto another more rutty dirt road following signs to the bakery. Pulling in to the driveway, we were adjacent to 2 unpainted wooden homes perched atop 8ft pilings with a separate ground floor kitchen.

We were immediately greeted by a vivacious, energetic young N. American woman. Caitlin came to Central America on a college internship program about 16 years ago, her tropical ecosystems studies took her to Costa Rica and Belize. After graduation, she returned to Belize and, mistaken for a volunteer, found herself teaching in Maya Center's school. She lived with a local family and began to bake banana bread. She then spent time in Sta Familia with a local Mayan woman, a healer, who taught her many things about local plants, healing, massage techniques and foods. Soon enough, Caitlin found herself in Hopkins, purchased some land and began to build a home, with a separate kitchen--perfect to keep the heat out of the main house--

Caitlin and Today's Selection of Goodies!
Caitlin bakes every day, sweet things in the mornings and by about 4p.m. she has breads and rolls. Also on the menu can be found: banana bread, banana chocolate chip bread/muffins, chocolate zucchini muffins, pumpkin almond bread/muffins, banana pecan bread/muffins, marble brownies, fruit smoothies, veggie burgers and salads. Don't see what you want? She'll even take your special order!

Fresh Baked Goodness!

Caitlin's Bakery has been awarded a TripAdvisor Award for Excellence in 2012! 

What's not to love??


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