Monday, May 13, 2013

Frog's Point Restaurant

Peer and Regina had been told not to visit Belize by their travel agent in Germany. They had virtually traveled the world on their annual 6 week vacations, from Fiji to Thailand to Cuba and all throughout Europe-even cross country on motorbikes while camping! World travelers, they had a difficult time finding information about Belize in printed material, but did find a copy of "Lonely Planet" that inspired them to not take heed of the travel agent's naysaying. They had read about Ingrid, proprieter of All Seasons Guesthouse, contacted her and actually met with her near Cologne, Germany and were convinced that Belize was the place for them.
"You don't want to go there"
About 15 months ago, after selling off all their household goods, Peer and Regina made their way from Germany to Hopkins, Belize. Finding a place to live proved to be a bit more work than expected, they moved 3 times until settling in their current apartment! Ingrid hired them for maintenance, guest services and as the all round "go to" staff, they are constantly busy at the guesthouse during the day.

Regina In Reception Cabana-Hard At Work
Peer-Having Too Much Fun At Work

5 p.m. finds them both in different roles, at Frog's Point Cafe/Restaurant. With a restaurant/hospitality background Peer finds himself "at home" in the kitchen each evening creating some of the most delectable dishes in Hopkins. And Regina, with her contagious smile and people skills, runs the front of the house. Together, they make the perfect team...good food and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

Peer "At Home"
Regina, Sonny and Cher

"When I was about 6 years old, my uncle gave me a green frog as a pet," explains Regina, "I have been collecting frogs for many years." So, naming the restaurant was an easy decision. Frog decor and painted stenciled frogs dot the outdoor venue. "Paula" is my personal favorite, she sits about 2 feet tall sporting sunglasses and pearl necklaces. Sonny and Cher, as frogs, might be brought to the table for an impromptu "I've Got You Babe" concert!

Tante Paula

Check out the daily specials! When the sandwich board reads, "Fresh Fish"--that means it was caught today and on your plate for dinner--it can be snapper, snook or whatever fish lands in the nets or on the lines of the local fishermen.

Today's Special-Mixed Green Salad with Beef Loin!

Their hard work is paying off...beginning June 1st, 2013, Frog's Point Restaurant will move to the south end of the village, across the street from All Seasons Guesthouse, into what is now Love On The Rocks Restaurant. The building has begun it's facelift and is slowly transitioning into a larger version of itself with better exposure to the tourist flow in the village.

The Transition Has Begun!
In just a few days, the photos in this post can be considered "old news" or just historical data!

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