Monday, May 6, 2013

Hopkins' Boys Soccer Club - 12 Years and Under

As we drove south on Center Street in Hopkins, we  happened on a well utilized soccer field filled with about 25 pre-teen boys simply playing soccer. We met the head coach, Denton, and decided we should donate a couple of balls to the club. A few days later we delivered 3 balls and an air pump to Coach Denton, without the boys around. Coach asked us to stop by the field on Saturday morning to watch them practice because they only practice when the coaches are not working at their "real" jobs.

Saturday morning, about 9a.m., we received a text from Coach Denton: "Hi morning, dis is coach denton. Wee are haveing a training setion. if u have di time we'r here." Who could resist this invitation?

We drove the 2 miles to the field and were greeted with, "Thank you for the donation!" from a swarm of 25 sweaty, smiling boys shaking our hands. Coaches Denton and Clarence had them pose for a group photo for us!

Coaches Denton and Clarence
Soccer Club
These little guys are working toward playing a tournament in November, and they are playing their hearts out--with and without soccer shoes. Coach Denton told us that the boys share the "boots" (shoes) by handing them down when they grow out of them.

Now to figure out how to get "soccer boots" and reversible team jerseys for all the boys...


  1. Hi Babs and Larry, I know how it feels to have those kids capture your heart! I'm in Las Vegas and I can do a bit of research to see if we can get some inexpensive jerseys and I might be able to get the embroidery work donated. Do you want to get some sizes and quantities figured out? Maybe talk to the coaches and see if they have a name for the team, and what colors they think would be their preference.

    If these items are donations, you should be able to have them brought in without worrying about paying duty.

    Find out about sizes for "boots", too.

    If you're interested in pursuing this, let me know. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Mother Nature!! We plan to attend Saturday morning's practice and will talk to Coach Denton..we'll let you know!!

    2. Mother Nature--please send me your email address--I have information to share-- Thanks!