Thursday, May 9, 2013

Miss Emma's Garden and Restaurant

At mile 16.8 off Southern Highway turn onto All Pines Road (also the turn off for Sanctuary Belize/Bay), a couple of miles down the road on the right side the scenery changes to Royal Palm trees interspersed with colorful shrubs and flowering trees all lining the mango orchard immediately behind them. Make a right onto a road with signs that read, "Private Way". "Haney Farms." It's ok, you're on the correct road! Keep going and the STOP gate should be raised (if you made reservations) so you may pass under and continue to the large wooden building on the right. Park here. 

All Pines Road, Before the Right Into Miss Emma's
"Haney Farm" "Private Way"

Miss Emma is a petite dynamo! This 71 year old Filipino, was brought to Belize in 1992 by the Ambassador to Taiwan as the embassy chef. Her restaurant wall is filled with photos of her time at the embassy and several images of dignitary attended events. In 1999, she was hired by Mr. Haney to manage this 2000+ acre property. Since then, she has added to the garden, orchard and created the restaurant. Her list of orchard trees is long and exotic: mango, papaya, macadamia nut, noni, moringa, calabash, jack fruit, star fruit, 3 types of coconut, passion fruit, finger lemon, wax apple, cashew - just to name a few!

Moringa the "Miracle" Plant
Moringa Leaves Drying
Moringa Pods and Leaves
Moringa Tree

Jack Fruit
Open the Jack Fruit
Eat the Soft Fibrous Seed Covering

Enjoy the stroll through her flower garden-her green thumb makes everything bloom!

Hope you brought your appetite!
We were served a 4 course lunch! 
Everything fresh and most is straight from the garden!

Salad: mango, pine nuts, cucumber, lettuce 
Appetizer: 4 Spring Rolls with a sweet and spicy sauce 
Main Course: baked chicken, cauliflower casserole, eggplant parmesan, mashed potatoes with gravy
Dessert: Warm Banana Nut Bread
Fresh Passion Fruit Juice

After lunch we were treated to a personal tour of the orchard!
Expect to be laden with fresh picked fruits--bring a bag (or two)!

Leonard (farm hand), Miss Emma, Zarita (cook)
Miss Emma's 
What a delightful afternoon spent at her garden and restaurant!

Call ahead for reservations - (501)669-2524 
 she does not have a website or facebook!


  1. Amazing what a nice day!

    1. Deb- It was a fun afternoon! She's delightful! -babs

    2. we will be in Belize June 1 for 2 weeks. I hope we can fit this in, thanks

  2. I am so excited to find this! I will be in Belize in end of June, and God Willing, I will get to see this! Thank you for posting.

    1. Unknown- I hope you can work an afternoon at Miss Emma's into your schedule! It was an unexpected treat for us! Have a great trip! -babs

  3. Spent several hours here and it was fabulous. Miss Emma, what a wonderful and knowledgeable woman. So glad I met her. Her gardens are a delight and the lunch was 5 stars, a 4 course meal with FRESH Mango juice. I highly recommend you fit this into your plans, you will not regret it. Wonderful Day!!!

    1. Anonymous-Thanks for your comment, glad you were able to go! She is a delight!

  4. Hi. How much did all this cost?

    1. Anonymous, Sorry we don't remember exactly--it was somewhere around $25US each...well worth the cost!!!!!!!