Friday, May 3, 2013

Spanish Lookout and "MennMart"

About 30 minutes west of Belmopan lies a primarily Mennonite settlement known as Spanish Lookout, We've heard about the area since hitting Belize, it's not what we expected.

Spanish Lookout has 2 intersections with Western Highway. Heading west from Belmopan the first one you will come to is in Blackman Eddy, a paved right off of the highway, cross the bridge over the river. The second right is at the eastern edge of Santa Elena, dirt and rutty road, pass a pig and cattle farm, cross the ferry over the river---this route was closed for ferry repair, indicated by a hand written cardboard sign placed in the center of the road.

Once you cross the river, you have entered what can be best described as Pennsylvania/Ohio-like terrain, rolling hills, farms, a picturesque rural area. The roads are "luxurious"--well-maintained pavement, no pot holes to speak of. This is where you can find quaint farms and farm houses, auto repair shops, John Deere tractors and equipment, farming supplies, pre-fab homes, lumber yards, fully stocked Universal Hardware store, and the Farmer's Trading Center. Oil has recently been discovered on the land.

It was Friday about 11:00a.m. hungry, we ate at the first restaurant we found, The Golden Corral, No, not a franchise of the stateside chain, but they did offer a $15bze buffet and off the menu ordering as well. Our server was from NJ-wearing a Philadelphia Flyers tee shirt. The food was yummy--we had pierogies!--where else in Belize can you get that dish?? The restaurant got slammed about 11:30a.m. with folks from all walks of life. The take out area was hectic too!

Our goal was to find: chocolate chips, pecans and some hardware items. First stop, Universal Hardware. Nice paved parking lot supplying the new 4500sqft building with adequate parking, enter the very clean and well organized store--reminiscent of True Value/ACE Hardware stores in the US. They were well stocked, not a big variety (as anywhere in Belize) but a couple of choices for each item on the shelves. Unfortunately, they did not have the door strike plate we were searching for.

On to The Farmer's Trading Center. I have dubbed this store "MennMart"---it is a grocery store, office supply, household goods, pharmacy, toy store, hardware and furniture store all rolled in to one! What a delight to have everything under one roof, helpful customer service folks and great prices! Chocolate chips--Nestle's, different size bags up to 4lbs. Georgia pecans--whole or halves, different size bags up to 2 lbs. AND the door strike plate! All in one place...Score!!

Farmers Trading Center


  1. I am glad to see the photo of Farmers Trading Center. I was there long back ago. I had been there for delivering the machinery parts. Miss that place.

    Henry Jordan
    Hydraulic Sealing Products

  2. Thanks Henry Jordan! We enjoyed the Spanish Lookout experience! It seems a world apart from the rest of Belize-a refreshing change of pace, for sure! -babs